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Get the protection your roof needs while adding kerb appeal to your home, and improve the value of the house as a whole. At Waterford County Farm Painters assist you in selecting the great colour. Whichever colour you choose, our roof painting will have a considerable positive impact on the overall look of your home.
 Farm painting TipperaryIf your roof starting to look worn but is in otherwise in good condition. Waterford County Farm Painters can provide a complete roof painting service which includes a wash and clean before hand.  Roof painting can be of huge benefit to any home. Tiles and Slate can erode in colour and texture as time progresses. The overall visual of your house with a discoloured roof and with aged tiles on the roof, can really make any house look worn and aged. When you choose roof painting, you can fix that without getting new roof.

Of course, the choice of color is still up to the house owner and we have a wide variety of roof paint colors to choose from.

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